I had big plans this summer. I had a few spots picked out and had planned some tricks and some lines that I was going to push my 39 year old ass to get filmed. As much as I was trying to motivate myself to get this done there was a part of me that was also sort of afraid I’d not be able to accomplish it and the video I had envisioned would become another idea that never became fully realized.

I knew I needed help with this video and also I wanted to film some of my friends that I grew up with to show that the old crew was still out there making shit happen. Especially I wanted to make a part for Stuart because he has always been one of my favorite skaters here locally and I never felt he put out a part that really showcased his ability. After a few sessions and some group texts it seemed like it was on track to go down. We were all going to film and put stuff out in our late 30’s for the world to enjoy. I was hyped.

Well we got maybe three sessions of serious filming done before the whole thing fell apart. Stu got a lot done in those sessions but I still feel it doesn’t do his ability on a skateboard justice. Oh well, I didn’t film much either because after those three sessions I couldn’t ever find anyone to film the tricks I wanted to do for me. I spent most of 2020-21 skating by myself. Thanks a lot COVID.

Anyways, I threw this together in a day. It was still fun to make but it’s not even close to what I envisioned.

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