Country Club Lavish

Drew Gricar-boardslide
Jordan Garris

Yesterday we had some decent weather and so some of the crew decided to visit this tennis court spot. This guy Mike from NY brought a parking block and joined the session. It’s crazy what a day of 55 degree weather will do to make you seize the day.

J From The Block.

This parking block was donated by the American Legion Post 180. I painted it and did a few coats of lacquer and drove it to the skate park I grew up skating at. The park is so neglected and poorly designed from the jump. But we still manage to have fun there and make the best of it.

Just putting a block on this mellow pyramid makes a world of difference. A million trick possibilities have been opened up where there once was limitation. Hopefully the city won’t take it away.

Skateboarding taught me that if I’m not happy to go and make my own happiness. If there’s something wrong to do something about it. Thank you skateboarding.