Motion blur.

Since the Big Bang the universe has been expanding outward in all directions into the endless nothingness of space and time. As stellar objects move further away it will become harder and harder to travel outside of our galaxy so that the idea of making contact with other life forms besides humanity becomes less likely as time goes on. We as a species have to accept that our planet will be the only home we will ever know and earth life will be the only life that we ever encounter. So let’s try to treat our planet, our animal friends, and each other a lot better.

Drew Gricar- ollie up
Chad Smith- backside feeble with a front truck grind thrown in.


Dusty is moving to Arizona in about a week. We’ve been in the streets filming all summer for a full part for him. It’s been a trip working on it and we didn’t even accomplish half of what we set out to do. But between him getting married, working 40 hours a week, and traveling to Arizona to set up his new life; he hammered out a lot.

Dusty has always supported and pushed Broke Skateboards since day one. I don’t know what we are going to be without him but I know he’ll keep killing it no matter where he is. Happy trails Dusty, you’re one of the good ones.